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Related article: Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 00:11:39 EDT
Subject: Fathers & Sons - General Hospital - Luke & Luckypart 1Fathers & preteen children lolita nude Sons - General Hospital - Luke & LuckyThis is a made up story using characters from GH. GH and its real cp lolita boys
characters are
Owned by ABC. This story does not mean that the actors or characters are gay
or by. and even though it does reflect story lines on the show, this never did
happened so pretty much, its fake. you are also suppose to be 18 to read this
story since it is about sex.This story has content that everyone may not like. This is a story about
Father/son sex. It has a bit of bondage/controll.
~~~Luke was in his bedroom on his boat, The Haunted Star. His wife, Laura, had
gone crazy about two years ago. He was now with Sky. But Laura escaped from
The mental home and was now out to kill sky and already killed a cop. Luke
Knew that met that the police had a shoot to kill order. He was sitting on his
Bed looking at a picture of him, Laura, and his son Lucky. Lucky was about 16
In that picture, but now he was 20 something. Lucky then walked into the room.Lucky: Dad, are you okay?
Luke: yeah, son im fi-
Lucky: What's wrong dad?
Luke: You're a man now son
Lucky: yeah, that happens
Luke: But when did it happen to you?
Lucky: i don't know, over time
Luke: I wasn't there for it.
Lucky: dad, I understand why. It doesn't bother me.
Luke: Not at all?
Lucky: well yeah, it woulda been nice to have you there for
Luke: the first time you had sex
Lucky: you were there for that
Luke: I was?
Lucky: I was 17, it was with Liz.
Luke: Liz, she's a nice girl. sad you two aren't together anymore
Lucky: Yeah, we were good but she wasn't my type as it turned out
Luke: What is you're type?
Lucky: do you really wanna know?
Luke: yeah
Lucky: Zander Smith is my type
Luke: Zander is cute
Lucky: dad... i just came out to you
Luke: i know... do you want me to make it a big deal? i knew
Lucky: how?
Luke: i have heard you and Nicholas
Lucky: oh my god
Luke: You're half brother, who is a Cassadine, i was upset at first
Lucky: me & Nicholas... that would never work
Luke: not out in the open, but if you are happy together you should be together
Lucky: we have always been there togetherLuke then started to look his sons body overLuke: when did this happen?
Lucky: what?
Luke: when did you get such a body
Lucky: i grew into it i suppose
Luke: let me see you. all of you.Lucky then started to take his shirt off, then his undershirt. Next he slipped
his shoes and socks off then his pants. He was left in his white boxer-briefsLuke: wowLuke then stood up and was standing in front of his son. Luke hugged his son,
Something he hadn't done in years. Then he kissed Lucky on the forehead and started
To move his hands along Luckys back. He took one hand and started to pinch
Luckys nipples and started to rub Luckys abb's. Lucky was getting best lolitas bbs sites
turned on. His
dad was rubbing him down. Luke squatted down and started to rub Luckys legs. Luke
Then stood up and hugged his son again. He slid his hands down to Luckys
Underwear band. His slid his hands in. Lucky shivered at his fathers cold hands
grabbing his ass cheek's. Luke started to move one hand down towards his sons
hole.Luke: have you ever had anything up there?
Lucky: yeah
Luke: besides Nicholas?
Lucky: a few fingers, a toothbrush, two cocks
Luke: who's?
Lucky: Zander, Jason
Luke: how big are they, all three of them
Lucky: Zander is normal, but he's really thick. Nick is long & thick
Luke: Jason is long and skinny
Lucky: yeah.
Luke: what one do you like most?
Lucky: Nick's cock, but angels babes lolitas nude love how Zander did me
Luke: how is that?
Lucky: he took control.
Luke: porn loli chill teen
do you like to be dominated?
Lucky: yeahLuke then pulled his hands out of Luckys underwear and pulled them down. He
Saw his Sons cock for the first time in years. It was big.Lucky: its 9.5
Luke: and thickLuke started to undress. For older guy he was hot, thought Lucky. Luke pulled
his shirt off, then his shoes and socks, followed by his pants. He was in
White briefs that Lucky pulled off.Luke: its 10.5.. and thick
Lucky: wowLuke then pushed his son ont he bed. He grabbed the rope on the table and tied
Luckys hands to the headboard. He then grabbed Luckys legs and pulled them up.
Luke then tossed his face into his sons ass. He started to eat it out. Lucky
was moaning and tossing. His moans got louder and louder as Luke got deeper
And deeper. Luke pulled out and sat ontop of Luckys chest. He pushed his cock
Into Luckys lips, not all of it, just a few inch's. Lucky used his tongue
to really get Luke going, and it worked.Luke then pulled out and got off Lucky. He pulled his legs up again and got right
Behind lucky. He aimed his cokehead at Lucky open hole. He pushed in. He was
going slow when lucky begged him to spread up, so Luke pushed all of his daddy
meat into his sons boy hole. Lucky started to scream like a little girl. Luke
then started to pull out slow, but Lucky again told him faster, so Luke did. He
Pulled out fast and slammed in hard. Making his son scream and cry. Lucky was
thrashing around on the bed, loving it.Lucky: oh goooddd it hurts
Luke: what does?
Lucky: ahhh... my cock shit, i need to get off
Luke: you're gonna have to wait, sonLuke then kept on pushing in and pulling out. Lucky knew he would have to wait
till his dad was done for him to get off, so he started to clinch his ass in
order to milk his dads cock. It worked. Soon Luke exploded in his sons ass. He
let his daddy cream spill into his sons ass, he kept cumming and cumming.
Finally, after a few minutes, it was done. Luke pulled out and watched his cream
Pour out of his sons ass. Luke then opened a drawer and pulled out a silver cock
ring. He snapped it on his son.Lucky: what is that?
Luke: you will leave that on until we meat again, if you take it off, i will
know. and i will never do you again
Lucky: okay dad ... can I cum now?Luke used his nut to lube up his sons cock. He started to jerk his son off. This
is what he should been there for when he was growing up. Helping him get off.
Luke could tell that his son was about to rip, but he knew it wasn't gonna
happen. Lucky told him he likes to be controlled, so that's what Luke was gonna
do.Lucky: oh god... im cumm...ahhhhhhh what the hell
Luke: does it hurt, does it burn? bad?
Lucky: yeah.Luke then stuck a finger up his sons ass and opened up the cocking a bit. He
Pushed on his sons prostrate and soon Lucky started to bust his nut. Luke then
Took the top prelolita dark portal
cocking and put it on the dresser. He untied Lucky and led him into
The shower.Luke: who have you fucked?
Lucky: ah ... oh ... hold on
Luke: it was good son
Lucky: yeah... Liz, Nick, Zander
Luke: Jason?
Lucky: no, he fucked me, how I paid off my debt.
Luke: oh. Well, son. here is the thing. Now you will never fuck anyone, without
asking me first. No one will fuck you, but me, unless I say so. You will always
have you're cell phone. When I call, I will tell you where to meet me. You will
be there a.s.a.p. Then you will do as I say. get it?
Lucky: yes dad
Luke: father
Lucky: yes father.~~~
for more stories go to-

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